Don’t move out – move down!

What is a cellar? A hole in the ground. A dank, dark space to ram all the items you aren’t quite ready to get rid of; or might use; or will use once the correct holidays come back round on the calendar again. In days gone by, the basement may well have had a practical function: the coal store; the washer room. But such practicalities have been long forgotten in most cases. And where to start with the damp and the darkness of the space? A cellar conversion, that’s where!

Why consider a cellar conversion?

The more creative types amongst us may have dreamt in fleeting moments over the years about how your undergound space may be better put to use. A games room? Guest accommodation? A shower room? A gym? As property development has become evermore popular, the ways we choose to live and work in balance have been transformed.

As property prices have increased, people have needed to become more innovative with their existing space. A basement conversion provides such a range of opportunity to create a whole new dimension to your home.

Our team at MDA Design and Build can make your daydreaming a reality. We see potential in the dampened walls and ancient windowed caverns. We have the vision, skills and experience to transform your cellar into stylish, living space. From the basics of protecting your home from damp, foundation and structural damage, to adding the finishing touches to the finest of detail, we work with you to complete your project to the highest of standards.

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