Garage conversions are our middle name!

Well, not really.  The hut, the cave, the dump zone… your poor neglected garage may be home to empty boxes from your last house move, rusting long forgotten bikes and a palace for mice, spiders and the local pussy cat! And rarely it is that there is anything other than mildly organised chaos in there! Just piles and jumbles of .. stuff! But your garage is another zone of possibilities! Garage conversions by MDA are a fantastic, affordable way of exending your home.

As we have worked with our clients, we have noted a great trend for increasingly creative and even unusual ways to utilise the garage space. Let’s face it – when was the last time you came across anyone who actually parked their car in their garage!

Garage Conversions for office space, play room, home cinema?

Generally speaking we do need storage for garden furniture, and miscellaneous items that would otherwise clutter our home. But a garage is often large enough a space for us to divide and conquer! A storage zone does not exclude the possibility of converting the remaining space into … whatever your heart desires. How about an office; a reading room; a workshop; a sauna; a summer house; a pottery!

There are only the limits of your imagination! As your structure already exists, it is likely you can go ahead with your conversion with the minimal amount of fuss. Your dusty, chilly garage can be transformed into a warm, dry, well ventilated space to use as you wish.

We are based in the South Manchester area, and we have a wealth of experience in carrying out high quality garage conversions for clients throughout the North West. Contact us 07803 456112 or use our super contact form to discuss your ideas…