Kitchens by MDA

In recent years there has been a massive trend towards the grand ‘kitchen diner’ area of the family home. The internet is awash with infinite possibilities of the way this space might look, feel and function. From the most modern of high gloss 21st Century style to shabby chic brand of country quaintness, for many households kitchens remain the heart and soul of family life.

It continues to be the default “hub” for discussions and activities throughout the week – catching up after a busy day’s school or work; getting your questions answered about today’s homework task; baking with the little ones; feeding the family… So it comes as no surprise that the kitchen is an essential area of your property that needs quality materials, functionality, investment, upkeep and often lots of attention to detail.

As life goes on gadgets and endless devices fill your cupboards… Until your cupboards are bursting at the seams…  it becomes impossible to find that one essential that is needed to complete your culinary project. A redesign enables you to increase your kitchen’s useability. An extension can add value and enjoyment to the heart of your home. Whatever your needs and vision, MDA Build and Design will support you in developing your new kitchen. We offer a complete range of services: planning; refurbishment; redesign; construction.

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