MDA Design & Build – Timber Flooring

Once you have in place the space that you want- the extension is complete; the garage is converted into a creative working space; the conservatory is an impressive window to your garden oasis; the cellar, now guest quarters; the loft a spacious master bedroom.. some of the finer details may still need to be installed. Finer details such as beautiful timber flooring!

The correct flooring can add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your home. You may wish for cozy shag pile rugs; or rustic wooden beams; or terracotta tiles on your remodelled kitchen diner floor. Whatever you ideas and needs, we offer a professional consultation to explore all your options. Working with timber in particular is a major passion of ours.

What’s so good about Timber Flooring?

A wooden floor can enhance and emphasise the look and feel of your space. Laminate flooring is now so sophisticated that even you may forget what is actually is! Laminate can provide you with a practical efficient alternative to a solid wood floor. We have a range of suppliers at your disposal if you so wish, or you can choose your flooring of choice and get the MDA team to install and finish your flooring to the highest standards.

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